FRIDAYMemorial DayHappy Friday, Happy Long Weekend, and Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer and a holiday notorious for sitting in traffic, but other than the bbq, beer, and bocce let’s not forget the reason why we are celebrating Monday. Take a moment to remember loved ones, lost ones, and those who made sacrifices to give us the freedom that we celebrate today.  To learn more about the tradition behind Memorial Day visit the History Channel Website.

As you might have noticed every Friday we take a break from the typical blog post about the housing market and talking about Pittsburgh, but I cannot help but to share this story from a Pittsburgh Nun who made national headlines:

AP: A Pittsburgh thief turned out to be no match for a little nun with a commanding voice.

Sister Lynn Rettinger didn’t even have to break out a ruler for a man who reached into an opened car window and stole a wallet Tuesday. She just needed the tone of voice she’s used for nearly 50 years in Catholic schools.

After a teacher saw the man swipe the wallet, the 5-foot-3 principal of Sacred Heart Elementary School went outside and firmly told the man: “You need to give me what you have.”

The thief turned over the wallet, apologized and walked away.

Rettinger said she merely talked to him as she would to students when she knows they have something they shouldn’t.

Something tells me we will have a new Nun joke to add to the joke book!!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of TGIF we will see you on Tuesday!! Have a wonderful and safe weekend, wear your seat belts, always have a designated driver, and most importantly enjoy your time with your family!!

Something to thinkabout this weekend: “The flower that follows the sun does so even on cloudy days”

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