“Pittsburgh is prepared to represent North America, highlight our successes, share best practices and discuss the important work that is needed for a sustainable future. Through the more than 65 planned events and activities, we will showcase the region’s strengths and global accomplishments as a green leader that has successfully managed to improve both our economy and environmental stewardship.” – Pittsburgh Mayor and World Record Breaking Participant, Luke Ravenstahl   

As you can tell in the tone of Pittsburgh Mayor, Luke Ravenstahl, World Environment Day is a BIG deal. June 5th is World Environment Day, and Pittsburgh is the United Nations’ North American Host City.  Since Earth Day (April 22nd) you might have noticed more and more green activities on your community’s calendar.  This is all part of the “Bridge the Gap” campaign as Pittsburgh tries to stimulate awareness of the environment and enhance political attention and public action.  Talk about a campaign name that really fits our city!! 

Pittsburgh has been recognized as a green initiative leader over the past few years, and rolling out the green carpet for World Environment Day is a huge honor. This year’s theme is: BIODIVERSITY — Ecosystems Management and the Green Economy.  Biodiversity is a very appropriate theme for a city that heavily relies on its fresh water resources from the tap to the rivers.  Accountability and respect for our natural resources including the rivers, our air, and our impact on the environment will be a common theme throughout the bridging of the gap between Earth Day and WED

As the Mayor mentions, many events have already taken place and dozens more are still on the calendar going into late July.  So please, visit the WED website and check out all of the informative, proactive, and FUN activities that our city has to offer as the Host for the 2010 World Environment Day.

For a full list of all the events, including a world record attempt: CLICK HERE

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