Can you believe that it is the first day of fall already?  It’s time to put away the fun seashell and beach decorations and dust off those wreaths and scarecrows!  Fall is by far one of the best seasons for decorating a home, but if your home is on the market this autumn you might want to consider reading our tricks of the trade.

The Fall

Even though this season is named Fall, there are quite a few Ups to listing and selling your home as the leaves change color and the air starts to crisp. So we have put together some key selling points to remember when selling your home in the Fall.

 Learn From the BestHave you ever looked at a picture or visited Fallingwater? Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece is mesmerizing year round, but in the fall it is even more breath-taking.  The fall foliage and nature’s organic art exhibit contrasting with Fallingwater’s natural building materials truly combines nature and architecture. And even though your home may not be considered a “masterpiece”, you can take a few fundamental ideas out of Wright’s blueprints.
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One with Nature 

If there is anything that we can learn from Frank Lloyd Wright it would have to be his philosophy of combining nature and home.  When designing or decorating your home, think about natural elements.  Think about how you can make your home stick out, by fitting in (with nature). When designing a home, Craftsman Elevations with natural stone foundations and wood plank siding (real or faux) seamlessly mesh home with nature. Which might be something to keep in mind when building your home, but what if the home you are trying to sell isn’t a Craftsman-style?

With brick and vinyl exteriors this “natural home” concept might be a little more difficult to pull off, but that is no reason to give up! Look at what you can change.  Make sure your lawn is short and clean.  If a couple shopping your home sees a yard full of leaves and grass that hasn’t been mowed in ages, then they immediately conclude two things. Either this home is either too difficult to maintain, or the owner’s did not take care of this home at all. Do not let your home be disqualified before potential buyers even make it inside.

The Summer Price War is Over

Another reason why the Fall may be a great time to sell your home is simply because there are less homes on the market.  You will find yourself at a “Price Peacetime’ because you are competing with less homes.  You are less likely to find yourself discounting your home to keep up with the neighbors up the street who are selling their home a few thousand dollar’s less than your home.  The word fall should describe leaves, not prices!

New Job, New Home

Spring and Summer typically have more buyers on the market for a new home, but many people start new jobs in September.  Some are relocating and need to buy a home in a hurry.  This means that there are still some serious buyers on the market. Be sure to list your home with a realtor and/or an online listing websites so that “out of towners” can find your home.

Fall Tips to Remember

We often associate fall with decorating.  From pumpkins to hay bales fall can be a fun time to make your home more festive, but if your home is on the market you must remember that the people touring your home on the weekends are potential buyers and not the neighborhood judge for who has the best (or the most) decorations.  Remember to keep the clutter to a minimum and keep the focus on your home.  Ask your neighbor to host this year’s Halloween Party, your home should be ready to present to a potential buyer at a moment’s notice.

Before the S-Word Falls from the Sky

Easy now!! We are talking about SNOW!!  Remember to take pictures of your home before the trees are bare and that cold, white stuff covers your lawn.  Not only is it fun to show off your pictures on Facebook, but more importantly you will want up to date photos of your home on real estate listing websites.  Let’s be honest it’s only a matter of weeks before this colorful and charming fall scene turns into bare and depressing Yuck!  Do not put off your home photo shoot! Waiting until next weekend could be the difference in capturing the perfect, colorful and charming home and getting a picture of a dull home with a gray sky and bare trees.

About Kevin Oakley

Kevin Oakley has been involved in real estate for over 10 years and is passionate about the important role it plays in people’s lives. He understands that a home is not just the most expensive purchase of someone’s life, but that it also is where life happens and memories are made. He also enjoys all aspects of design as well as photography. Kevin currently serves as Vice President for Heartland Homes.