Sellers Edge

At Heartland Homes we understand that selling your home is not as easy as staking a sign in the front yard and accepting an offer.  Selling a home takes some serious preparation, anywhere from a touch up of paint here and there to a complete renovation, and of course a few modifications to the way you live while strangers parade through your home on the weekends.  Although this time in your life is just a temporary hindrance, it does not have to be so stressful.

Our Seller’s Edge program is designed to make the selling process easier on you. At Heartland Homes we want you to be able to enjoy living in your new custom built home.  We love to see our new homeowners enjoy their new home, without stressing over the burden of a 2nd mortgage because they could not sell their old home.  So here on the blog we are putting together the best tips in the real estate business to help you sell your home.

Get Pre-Inspections Done EARLY

This will help you to avoid any unexpected costs in the future and will give you the confidence in knowing how to negotiate with offers as they come in.  It will cost a small amount up front, but the piece of mind is worth it.  Inspections to consider include:

–  Home Inspection

–  Radon Inspection

–  Pest Inspection

Staging Your Home

In order to make your home more appealing to potential buyers, you will need to make small changes.  Some will require adjustments to your living habits, while others may involve minimal costs.  Review the list below and decide which will work for you.

Let the Light In

Open the drapes and blinds to allow maximum sunlight

Clutter Control

Remove excess items and place them in storage or pack them away neatly to

give the appearance of more space.

The Mr and Mrs. Clean Residence

Clean! Clean your kitchen and bathrooms three times better than normal.  These areas will receive the most scrutiny and should be sparkling at all times

Being Beige is a Good Thing

Paint or repaint rooms to neutral colors.  Bright purple may be your favorite color, but everyone’s tastes are different.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors when used properly are a small-scale secret weapon when selling your home.  If a mirror placed in a tasteful yet strategic location, a potential buyer can literally see themselves in a home!

Burn and Bake

Before scheduled showings or open houses- burn candles, bake cookies, etc, to fill the house with pleasing aromas.

Convince them from the Curb

Take a second to look at your front yard’s landscaping and make small adjustments to increase your home’s curb appeal.

Do Your Homework!

–  Go online to popular staging websites

–  Read blogs about selling homes –  Watch some HGTV

–  Check out other homes for sale in your town, see what kind of language they are using, features they are highlighting, and most importantly how they are priced.

–  Drop the celebrity gossip magazine the next time your in the check out line and buy a Better Homes and Garden Magazine.

–  Do you want to learn even more? Go online and visit to see more helpful hints, or even find an accredited staging specialist in your area.

About Kevin Oakley

Kevin Oakley has been involved in real estate for over 10 years and is passionate about the important role it plays in people’s lives. He understands that a home is not just the most expensive purchase of someone’s life, but that it also is where life happens and memories are made. He also enjoys all aspects of design as well as photography. Kevin currently serves as Vice President for Heartland Homes.