The Summer

The Summer is arguably the best time of the year to sell your home. (or Spring)  The sun shines longer and hotter, and people are generally more active during the long summer days.  In this blog post we have compiled a list of why summer is the best time of the year to sell your home, and some helpful tips that will help you list and stage your home for a buyer’s market!

Summer Selling

Time is Money

In real estate timing is everything.  Sometimes it is just in the stars whether or not your home will sell within one month.  But do not believe for a second that real estate is a waiting game. Be aware of the local market.  Pay attention to trends in your area as well as local news (job hirings, major developments, etc.) Contact a realtor and be aggressive, selling your home can be as simple as posting a couple of advertisements when the weather and the market is hot!

Too Cool For School

Schools are a major driving force behind buying and selling a home during the summer season.  In regards to scheduling parents typically do not have to worry about picking the kids up from school in the afternoon. Freeing up there schedule to visit a home, meet with a bank, close a home, and move into a home without worrying about the little kiddies schedules.

Speaking of moving, parents typically hate to move their children into a new school district mid-school year.  There is an overwhelming pressure to beat the August 31st deadline that benefits you, the seller!

Summer Sitting

If you find your home on the market a little bit longer than you anticipated. Don’t freak out!  The summer can be a busy time of the year.  Look at your own schedule- how many vacation days, graduation parties, and projects do you have planned?  Real buyers are out there and if you stage it, they will come!

The summer is also filled with other great homes on the market, or as we like to call them…the competition.

Follow our tips when staging your home, and you will be moving out in no time!

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If You Got It, Flaunt It

If you have a beautiful yard, or great outdoor amenities like a large deck, cozy front porch, or a charming outdoor living space now is the time to showcase these features.


Be sure to water your lawn! A green lawn can add green to your wallet, or at least prevent losing curb appeal from potential buyers.

Like the Other Side of the Pillow

Keep your house coooool when showing your home.  During the dog days of summer, a potential buyer will stay in a cool home longer to avoid the grueling heat. If your home is hot, forget it! They will be out of there faster than you can “Summer Solstice”

So Fresh and So Clean

Be sure to give each room a fresh coat of paint, and to clean each room like the In-Laws will be in for an inspection at a moment’s notice.  Neutral colors are the safe and recommended choice for paint color. And be sure to clean your kitchen and bathroom until they **sparkle** these two rooms are most likely to receive more scrutiny than any other room in the house

Quick Hints for a Last Minute Open House

–          Open the drapes and blinds for maximum sunlight

–          Remove excess items and put them into storage

–          Burn candles or bake cookies to fill you home with delicious aromas

–          Make small adjustments to your landscaping to increase curb appeal

–          Do everything you can to make your home look like it is easy to maintain

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About Kevin Oakley

Kevin Oakley has been involved in real estate for over 10 years and is passionate about the important role it plays in people’s lives. He understands that a home is not just the most expensive purchase of someone’s life, but that it also is where life happens and memories are made. He also enjoys all aspects of design as well as photography. Kevin currently serves as Vice President for Heartland Homes.