DOW Chemicals have honored Heartland Homes with a very prestigious award.  The DOW Diamond High Performance Builder Award –  In Recognition of our Leadership in High Performance Home Construction.  It is truly an honor, and we would like to reach out to all of our customers and say Thank YOU.  If it weren’t your high standards, home builders would continue building the same old houses the way they have for the past 1,000 years.  Thank you for raising the bar with us!

DOW Diamond High Performance Builder Award

About Kevin Oakley

Kevin Oakley has been involved in real estate for over 10 years and is passionate about the important role it plays in people’s lives. He understands that a home is not just the most expensive purchase of someone’s life, but that it also is where life happens and memories are made. He also enjoys all aspects of design as well as photography. Kevin currently serves as Vice President for Heartland Homes.