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A furnace filter helps keep the air in your home clean and your heating and cooling systems running efficiently. In order to make sure that your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system works at its highest potential, the furnace filter must be clean.

If you’re thinking that you only have to change your filter once a year, you may well be shortening the life of your furnace. Actually, you should check your filter monthly and often change it monthly, depending on the type of filter you use.

Many costly repairs can be avoided with regular filter changing. If you don’t change the filter, lack of airflow through the furnace will cause it to overheat and shut down. Similarly, a dirty filter can cause an air conditioner to shut down because the coils freeze up when airflow is inadequate.

Changing your common style air-filter is a simple task – just follow these four steps.

  • Locate your filter. In a forced air system, it will be in your air return. In a gas or electric furnace, it will be in the furnace unit.
  • Remove the filter from the unit carefully and hold it up to a light. If you can see through the filter easily, it does not need to be changed and you can put it back into the unit. If you cannot see through it, the filter needs to be replaced.
  • Purchase a new filter if yours is dirty.  Check the measurements of your current, dirty filter and buy a new one at your local hardware or home improvement store.
  • Make sure the arrows on the new filter are pointed in the right direction and slide it into the unit.

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