Today, Dee Schlotter, the National Color Brand Manager for PPG Pittsburgh Paints, shows off Heartland’s model home in the community of Pinecrest in Pine Township and discusses how to transition colors in paints and interior design features throughout the various rooms of your home. See more new homes in Pine Township in the North Hills area.

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Transitioning Colors

Transitioning room to room, hallway to entryway is really a challenge for homeowners today. Especially because you have these open floor spaces now, that look out into all different areas. You should always choose one color that moves, that is consistent, throughout those areas.

This color Coffee Kiss that’s on the wall, is carried through the hallway, is carried upstairs. But then you have an accent wall where you have one wall that’s painted a different color that pulls in some of the fabric color. So you have these accent wall areas you have areas where you see a little bit of color even if you want to choose a different wall in the room or if you want just having it in pillows or some type of furniture or artwork. Artworks a very popular way, as well, to pull in color.

But the main thing is to have that one color kind of flow through the house so you don’t have a lot of patchwork colors. You don’t want to have this room is purple and this room is orange and his room is green. I mean some people like that, but if you see it altogether it sometimes doesn’t work.

Those five colored chips in those color families, because they’re all based on and around the same color family and the same hue. so if you start working with Coffee Kiss and then go down to a pumper nickel, which is a darker brown, they’re going to work beautifully because they naturally falling that way on color card. When you think about your paint when you go into the store there’s light to dark , there seven colors, when you work on that card, you can be sure the colors you pick, a dark to medium to a light, are all going to work perfectly together.

So you want to just be careful, always have one flow color, but absolutely throw in some accent walls. Think about the ceiling! The ceiling we consider the fifth wall. You never want to automatically paint the ceiling white. White is one of the first colors that people see when they walk into space. It may not be the natural choice for that room.

In a very, very warm room, with great color on the wall and then you just choose a just a regular white to go on the ceiling? There are like three different other options! You pull the same color of the wall onto the ceiling; so you get a very nice enveloping look, which is very cozy and comfortable and there’s no big contrast. So you have this beautiful transition.

Or you take the color that’s on the wall and you go up a couple on that actual stripe card. So the white or off-white you choose has the same color pigments that are in your wall color. So it’s not just a stark white.

Then the third option for ceilings which I love, it’s my favorite, is pulling a really dark color on the ceiling. So you have a beautiful lighting fixture in your dining room or your bathroom, you have something beautiful at the top that you want to draw people’s attention to, paint that ceiling a flat black, or dark pumpernickel brown, or big nice clean red. Then if you have the crown molding to go around the top of it, you paint that the trim color and now you accented that ceiling beautifully.

But make sure whatever color you pick for the ceiling is incorporated into all your furniture, your artwork, your window treatments. Make sure that you have that color repeated. We always recommend repeating a color in a space. Never just throw a color in there. Like if you have this new vase that you love, make sure you have pink somewhere else in the room and it looks really unified and pulled together.

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