Today, Dee Schlotter, the National Color Brand Manager for PPG Pittsburgh Paints, shows off Heartland’s model home in the Pine Township Community of Pinecrest and discusses how to choose interior paint colors to work with the wood flooring or wood cabinets in your home. See more new homes in Pine Township in the North Hills area.

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Matching Paint Color with Wood

Whenever you’re working with a lot of cabinets or wood flooring you wanted to choose colors that pull in the warmth of the wood. So when you look behind us and you see all those beautiful wood cabinets there, the wall color should always be a warm color. Now, people, when I say warm color they always think beige, and that isn’t the case, because you can work with this blue.

The key is to not to choose a very clean or bright color against a warm honey type of wood, because it won’t look right it’ll be too much contrast. If you go into a Masterwork Paint store, which is where we sell our PPG Paints, the two last rows on the paint displays, the four hundred and five hundred series, are all very, very warm neutral colors that look really good with wood. We also have a collection called Atmospheric and again you can look at the colors online up at Atmospheric are beautiful neutrals that go really well and are warm enough to go with really well with wood floors or with wood cabinets.

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