Pittsburgh is an amazing city. One of the nation’s best. But, if our fair city had one fault, traffic would have to be a top contender. Too many people love this place, and many of them drive, making the morning and afternoon downtown commute extremely frustrating. Luckily, we have several suggestions that make driving to Pittsburgh much more tolerable.

The secret to the downtown commute is location. There are several communities outside of Pittsburgh that offer the luxury of life in a suburb and convenience of city living. As any local knows, tunnels equal time. If you can avoid driving to Pittsburgh through a tunnel, the commute is much easier. That leaves several great communities north of city that are affluent yet affordable and perfectly accessible.

  • Adams Township is located northeast of the intersection of I-79 and I-76 in the corner of Butler County. It is a family-oriented community with a population of 11,652 and median household income of $81,340 in 2010.
  • Cranberry Township is a blossoming area due in part to its proximity and accessibility. It is such a popular location that businesses are relocating to Cranberry to be closer to a skilled workforce. The Westinghouse world headquarters is even there.
  • Pine Township communities are north of Pittsburgh on I-76 just east of I-79. Driving to Pittsburgh is even easier due to a PAT bus stop, allowing residents to read (or sleep!) while commuting.
  • Franklin Park is about as close to Pittsburgh as you can get without being in it. It’s a short 10-mile drive on I-276 to reach city limits, which means shopping in the North Hills is also just down the street.
  • Sewickley is a historic river town with a convenient commute even at rush hour. It’s about 20 minutes to the city center, and the journey can be made without high-speed starts and stops on the Turnpike.
  • Richland Township is a nice community located near Route 8 and Route 228 north of I-76. Route 8 provides a great way to slip into Pittsburgh while avoiding some of the notorious bottlenecks.

What if you take public transit to work or don’t have a fear of tunnels? There are lots of other great communities south of Pittsburgh that might interest you. Here is a list of places that should also be on your list.

Many residents of Peters Township take the T to the city because of their proximity to the South Hills Village stop. They know something that we should all keep in mind: traffic is easier to tolerate if you are drinking a latte and waving at it from a train car as you zip by.

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Adam Packard has been a marketing professional for over 10 years. During that span he has spent time in the gaming, racing, entertainment and real estate industries. Outside of the office, he enjoys all types of sports, including basketball, baseball, golf & harness racing. He resides in Moon Township, with his wife Jackie and two sons Nicholas & Jacob.