Today, Dee Schlotter, the National Color Brand Manager for PPG Pittsburgh Paints, shows off Heartland’s model home in the North Hills Community of Pinecrest and discusses how to choose paint colors for the bedroom, and warns that bright paints aren’t appropriate for you to be able to sleep.

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Choosing Paint Colors for a Bedroom

For your bedrooms there are all kinds of great colors. There are colors to avoid in a bedroom. Colors that are very energizing like oranges and yellows, you don’t want to put into a bedroom because it would be very hard for you sleep.

So if you choose a bigger color for an accent wall in the bedroom, that you’re not facing when you’re in the bed, you can go with a little bit deeper and darker of a color. But the rest of the walls should be a tranquil almost spa-like color. For the master bedroom behind me, that sage green is a very restful color. Green is one of the best colors you can use anywhere, because it reminds you of nature and you’re very familiar with those colors. Those nice, soft greens look great!

But, if I would change that green to a very big bright, yellow-green; which is one of our colors called, “Lichen.” It’s in my family room, family rooms are fine, because it’s meant for energy and fun but in a bedroom it would not be good.

For little girls’ rooms they don’t always have to be pink. They can be again softer pastels, but creamer pastels you can go with a very nice like green, light blues, light yellows very nice soft colors.

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