Searching for a new or used home in Pittsburgh should be a piece of cake, right?  Even though we may be floating above water in the housing market statistically, it still can be quite a process determining which location to vacate to especially with so many options in Western PA.  Having to search for commute times to listing prices or even home values based on county can be a hassle.  With this guide you will get a chance to see Pittsburgh homes at a glance and hopefully save some time deciding where makes you feel most at home.

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How’s that for an overview of real estate in Pittsburgh and the Greater Pittsburgh region? Let’s examine the findings and what they mean for home buyers and sellers in the area.

Increase in Home Value

There were several big gainers. According to, home prices in each of the following townships increased by over 5 percent since last year.

As you can see, Cranberry rose the most. Look for those trends to continue in 2013.

Western Pennsylvania Population Increases

US Census Bureau reported that both Butler and Washington counties are on the rise. Butler’s population grew by 5.62 percent between 2000 and 2010. Washington grew by 2.43 percent over the same period. This is a good indication of where people want to be. If you are a home owner in one of these areas, you might consider consulting a real estate agent to learn more about your options.

Average Listing Price in Western PA

Butler and Washington are not only growing the fastest, but home buyers are also paying the most to be there. Average listing price in those counties hovers above $245,000. Allegheny, Armstrong, Clarion, Lawrence, Verango and Crawford follow with an average price of just over $200,000, according to

Travel Time to Work

Commute time is influential for many home buyers around Pittsburgh. Common sense would suggest that the closer to the city, the shorter the trip. But Butler appears to be in the lead, according to Nearly half of Butler’s workforce commutes in less than 15 minutes. For more regional commuter information, visit our article about the best communities for driving to Pittsburgh.

Most Affordable Markets

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently reported about a study by that found the Pittsburgh metro region to be the 8th most affordable in the country. That’s great news for home buyers who hope for bang for their buck.

Pittsburgh is also the 8th best place to raise kids (MSN Real Estate), 6th most recession-proof US city and 2nd most livable city in the US (Global Livability Survey) and #1 place where real estate is ripe for rebound (Forbes). Those rankings aren’t bad at all! Now, we just need the Pirates to rank higher in their division.


Video Summary of Real Estate in Pittsburgh

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Have you heard? The Pittsburgh housing market is changing, for the better!

In the past year alone, many areas have seen over a six percent increase in home value. That’s because demand is going up! And, over the last ten years, the Greater Pittsburgh region has seen a boom in population; just look at Butler and Washington counties!

The Pittsburgh region ranks as the eighth most affordable city out of the twenty-five biggest metropolises in the nation. There’s affordable housing all over western Pennsylvania, so it’s no wonder that people are eager to move in and move up, especially with convenient travel times to work from wherever you live, saving you time and money.

And that’s not all; Pittsburgh is the thirtieth most livable city in the world and second in the US.

According to Forbes magazine, Pittsburgh is the sixth most recession-proof city in the nation and one of ten cities ripe for real estate to rebound, not to mention it’s one of the best places to raise your kids. At Heartland Homes, we’re ahead of the curve, having sold more than 458 homes in 2012.

This has been Pittsburgh Homes at a glance, brought to you by Heartland Homes.

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