Homes for sale outside of Pittsburgh, PA

People turn to Google five billion times each day to ask for help finding a slice of pizza, comparing prices on digital cameras and discovering the name of that one actor on New Girl. They use it for everything, including buying a new home.

It has been an exciting year for home builders around the country, especially Heartland Homes in Pittsburgh, so we became curious about what Google witnessed during the renewed real estate optimism. Using Google Trends, we were able to graph the frequency that people shopped for homes in 2013.

The results are not surprising, but very encouraging as each summer since 2011 had a higher trend than the prior. This should make both buyers and sellers excited for the 2013 season, which looks from the graph to begin as early as January. See what we mean by examining the search volume graphs for the entire United States, Pennsylvania and Greater Pittsburgh. The search term that we tracked was “Homes for sale.”

Homes for Sale Around the US

real estate trends around the US

Homes for Sale in Pennsylvania

real estate trends in Pennsylvania

Homes for Sale in Pittsburgh

Real estate trends in Pittsburgh

See what we mean? This is exciting for the real estate and hopefullly a sign of great things to come in 2014. Luckily, these are not the only favorable signs for home buyers in Western Pennsylvania. We used housing data from several sources to construct a real estate infographic about trends in the area.

And it’s not confined to Pittsburgh. A MoneyWatch story echos the same ideas illustrated in the graphs. What they refer to as “Second Tier Cities,” which we call “Amazing Places Like Pittsburgh,” are poised to experience the most housing growth. Part of that interest comes from younger home buyers, who waited out economic downturn in rental properties.

If you and your family have moving on the mind this year, it might also be helpful to review the best Pittsburgh suburbs as voted by area citizens. There are lots of great communities for families in the Pittsburgh area.






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