Kitchens are no longer confined to cooking. They are a place for sharing stories, taste testing, homework help and all of the other things that occupy our evening hours. Kitchens are a place for living.

That’s why we are kissing kitchen upgrades goodbye with new standard features.

New Kitchen Features Include:

  • Hardwood floors that keep kitchens looking clean longer, even during seasons with sandy sandals or snowy boots.
  • Kitchen islands that add both style and function with bar seating for lunches on the go–who has time for dining room china these days?
  • Granite countertops that resist red wine, Crayons and airborne toddler toys.
  • Stainless steel appliances from GE are built-in, providing a sleek finish and extra space for cookie dough and cutting boards.
  • Maple cabinets that are as durable as they are beautiful. Don’t be afraid to booty-bump a drawer or kick a cabinet door–they can take it!

Sure, the descriptions are great, but we know what people really want. What about the photos? Here are some photos from Heartland Homes models with the newly standardized kitchen upgrades.


The Monticello II


The Bornquist


The Clifton Park II


The Abingshire


To see more photos, visit the media library or home type gallery.

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