I like to call them whoa-moments. During a visit to one of our furnished models, a family member strays from the group and throughout the house you can hear:

Whoa!  Hey, come check out this room!”

It’s my favorite part. Sometimes I even keep a mental tally. Kitchens usually collect a few whoas. A home theater always scores a few, too. But which room in the house gets the most whoas?

The answer might surprise you at first. The master bathroom almost always wins. Nothing says luxury like a beautiful master bath with ceramic tile, granite counters, a big showerhead and a deep tub. That’s luxury!

We are happy to announce that luxury bathrooms are now a Heartland Homes standard. Watch the new video and see why our bathrooms are definitely whoa-worthy.

New Bathroom Features Include:

Granite countertops make a room, especially a bathroom. All practical benefits aside, granite is wonderfully elegant. It is something you have to see to believe. Consider visiting one of our upcoming open models.

Ceramic tile on the floors and in the shower is easy to clean and always durable. Anybody who has ever suffered through old linoleum—curling at the corners—will feel even more comfortable with tile below their toes.

See Standard Features in Other Rooms:

Now on to the most important part—the photos!


The Monticello II


The Chapel Hill


The Abingshire


The Remington Place

*See a sales & marketing representative for details.  Townhome features may differ.

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Adam Packard has been a marketing professional for over 10 years. During that span he has spent time in the gaming, racing, entertainment and real estate industries. Outside of the office, he enjoys all types of sports, including basketball, baseball, golf & harness racing. He resides in Moon Township, with his wife Jackie and two sons Nicholas & Jacob.