Interior design advice from Heartland Homes in Pittsburgh

The moving trucks have left, the boxes have been unpacked and the space is finally beginning to feel like yours. It’s now time for some new home interior design advice from some of the city’s most gifted designers. This collection of DIY articles and design advice is for homeowners who need transfer their personality to white walls and new living spaces.

This is your home. Let’s make the place feel like it.


Working with Color


Adding color is usually the first step. Here are several videos with advice from Dee Schlotter, the National Color Brand Manager for PPG Pittsburgh Paints. Not surprisingly, this is some of the most popular content on our website.

Painting the powder roomPainting the Powder Room (VIDEO)

This video discusses trending colors and ways to make a little color go a long way. Her best tip, however, is how to take “dangerous” colors like red or black, and use them to add contrast without interfering with the rest of the home.

Choosing Paint Colors for a Bedroom (VIDEO)

It is important to remember that bedrooms are for sleeping. Will bright orange or fluorescent green help that? Probably not. Dee’s secret is to put big colors away from the bed so you get the personality without the distraction. Great advice!

open-spaces-colors-heartlandThe Right Colors for Open Spaces (VIDEO)

If you have high ceilings or a spacious family room, why not take advantage of them with colors that fill the home. Big canvases tend to inspire neutral, safe colors. But, as Dee explains, there are ways to add bigger shades without going too far!

Selecting Trim Paint (VIDEO)

This is another place where people tend to play it conservative. We see shades of white and not much else. This video shares ways to use exciting accent colors that add depth and variety to a home.

Transition colors in a homeHow to Transition Colors in a Home (VIDEO)

Have you ever been in a home where each room feels like a different museum exhibit? “To the right, you’ll see the East Asia collection. After that, you’ll enter the Renaissance room.” That’s what this video helps you avoid patchwork by using one color kind of flow through the home.

Pick a Paint to Match the Wood (VIDEO)

You invested in beautiful cabinetry that would look great with bare walls. But what if you want to add color that accentuates without detracting from the craftsmanship? This video has the answers


DIY Design Ideas


Getting the right color in a room is simply the first step — very important, but only the beginning. Building on that is where a family’s personality is truly revealed. Find that inspiration in these DIY articles for different rooms and family members. DIY Design Planner

If you still have not found what you would like in your new home, Pinterest can be a fantastic source for inspiration, particularly early in the process. You can scan hundreds of interior design ideas in minutes, and explore themes from there with well-crafted Pinterest searches. It all happens very quickly: “Design Ideas” -> “Bathroom Design Ideas” -> “Antique Bathroom Design Ideas”

Getting ideas on Pinterest

Hopefully this has been helpful and your home is closer to being complete, even if just in your mind!

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