What is a carriage house? Picture a two-car garage with an apartment above it. That mental image closely resembles a carriage house, also known as coach houses. Originally, they were built to shelter horse-drawn carriages. The living space above it was designated for the caretakers and the garage space below was used to protect their transportation.

Since we no longer use horses to get around, we’ve modified the carriage house to meet our current needs. It is used in one of several ways.


Single-Family Home

Today, this type of home is better known as a single-family home. They are built for a single family (hence the name) and consist of one or two floors with a portion of the top floor extending over the garage. Single-family homes are most common in suburban and high income areas.

carriage house single family home


Guest House

Not all carriage houses became single-family homes, though. In this case, the carriage house was detached from the main structure and used as a rental or a guest house since there was extra space above the garage.

garage apartment

Figure 1 Photo by Abe Ezekowitz


Reclaimed Homes

Recently, there’s been a movement in reclaimed homes and tiny (under 500 sq. ft.) living. Along with that movement came the recycling of materials for new housing and the conversion of non-residential buildings into houses and apartments. Carriage houses were some of the first to be reclaimed as permanent living structures.

Some carriage houses were completely reinvented. Residents modernized the interior with skylights, stainless steel appliances and contemporary furniture. Others appreciated the structure’s origins and left the exposed wood and brick for a cozy experience.


Million Dollar Carriage Homes

Those who prefer to go big took the carriage home up a few levels. Here are a few examples of reconstructed carriage houses selling for at least one million dollars.

In Clinton Hill, NY, there are twin carriage houses measuring 6,400 sq. ft. and selling for about 3 million dollars (for the entire building). Both are lined with beautiful red brick and have 13 ft. ceilings. One is a four-bedroom unit with a basement and the other is a two-bedroom loft style studio.

There are plenty of celebrities and artists who have lived in million-dollar carriage homes, too. For example, Jonny Depp and Kate Moss lived in a cozy carriage house in the 90’s. This brick-clad 1820s home is part of a historic building in Greenwich Village worth 14.9 million dollars. The carriage house section that Depp and Moss lived in is currently being rented out for $19,000 a month.

You’re familiar with the beautiful Cobble Hill carriage house from the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”, right? The home comes with a secret garden, second-floor terrace, greenhouse and exposed wood beams. The lucky owner of this lovely establishment is singer, Norah Jones. She bought it for 16.25 million dollars.


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