Are you looking for a new luxury home? Or maybe you’re planning a bathroom renovation in the home you already own? Either way, we’ve compiled a list of five of the year’s best luxury bathroom trends for your home décor or renovation inspiration!

1. Walk-In Showers

walk-in showers

Long gone are they days when you need to step over the side of your bathtub to get into the shower, thankfully. Many luxury homes don’t even contain standard bathtubs anymore. Walk-in showers offer a variety of spa-inspired designs and features to add a more relaxing dynamic to your bathroom that improves the atmosphere and use of space. We especially love the frameless doors in front of that beautiful tile work that make the the shower appear much larger.


2. Freestanding Bathtubs

freestanding bathtub

The luxury home owners who still have bathtubs have transitioned to freestanding tubs. They add to the spa-like atmosphere and make the room look bigger and more enticing. It’s almost likely adding an eye-catching sculpture to your bathroom. Install a ceiling-mounted bath filler for an extra special spa experience.


3. Double Shower Heads

double shower heads

Why only have one shower head when you can have two? If you crave a customized shower experience, you definitely want two. With multiple streams of water coming at you from different directions, you can enjoy a relaxing mini get-a-way and squeaky clean results!


4. Additional Storage

bathroom vanity storage

The past few years have seen an increase in minimalist home design. It’s no surprise that this year, we’re seeing more storage options. People are realizing that, as intriguing as minimalist design is, it doesn’t always fit their lifestyles.

Enter additional storage space. Some storage is coming in the form of floating bathroom shelves and we’re seeing some resurgence in vanity cabinets. If you want to take the time to clean your shelves and their contents, go with the floating options. If you prefer to keep your toiletries hidden, cabinets are the way to go.


5. Unique Patterns

uniquely-patterned walls

Forget about the mass-produced decor. This year, luxury home owners are customizing everything from their painted walls to their shower tile patterns. Whether they’re confident enough to design it themselves or choose to hire a professional, people are enjoying the imperfections of handmade décor.

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