It’s a great feeling to buy a new house. Even if it’s not your first. But purchasing a brand new home, not just one that’s new to you, is even more exciting. You get to customize it just the way you like. It’s modern, safe and has all the walk-in closet space you could want.

The best part? You won’t be painting over marks on the wall from when Cindy was 4 feet tall or replacing ceiling fans from the 60s. Oh, no. These rooms aren’t filled with another family’s memories. They’re waiting to collect your memories.

Of course, there are many more reasons you might want to consider new construction.


Everything is under warranty

This is the best thing about buying a brand new house! You know that everything is under warranty and that you won’t have to replace a single thing for years. You’re guaranteed to be moving into a home that’s decked out with the latest appliances and building materials, making your new abode a low-maintenance paradise.


Energy efficiency

New construction homes are much more energy efficient than homes build just a few years ago. If you buy a home that’s 10 years old, you might be saving money with the purchase but will probably even out with the utility bills. But a newly built home will have thick double-, sometimes triple-paned windows that will keep your home from getting drafty and help you save money over the years. You can also use the time you would’ve spent on maintenance doing more exciting things, like golfing, traveling or shopping.


Customize it

When you work with a custom builder, you get all of the features you want in a home. You don’t have to home shop for months to find what you want. Interested in marble counter tops, hardwood flooring, and Delta satin nickel bathroom faucets? Done. You get to customize all of the important areas the way you want them.



Buying a brand new home is safer for three reasons:

  1. A safe neighborhood. The newly developed community is designed for you to take daily strolls or sit and enjoy the greenery.
  2. Equipped with State-of-the-art circuit breakers, alarm systems and environmentally friendly paint and carpet.
  3. Always built to conform to the latest code regulations.


Modern design

modern home design

You won’t have to worry about replacing shag carpet or vintage wallpaper. When you find a builder to design your house, you’ll get the most contemporary layouts like open floor plans and high ceilings, which are perfect for family nights or entertaining guests. New houses also have three times the closet space and twice the bathroom space of an older home. Decks and porches are also built into the living design to ensure you have all of the space you need to live comfortably.


Extra rooms

Forget about an additional dining room! In a new house, you’ll get useful extras like game rooms and office space. Some of these rooms can even be dual-purpose. For example, your office can also double as a guest room.


Outdoor space

ourdoor activities

When you buy a newly constructed home, you’re also buying extra space. Housing developments are typically built in the suburbs, so you have room for a garage big enough for your boat and 2 cars, a back yard big enough for a pool and space to play with your kids. You no longer have to worry about listening to busy streets and fighting traffic to get to the grocery store. You’ll only be driving into the city when it’s necessary.


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