Whether you’re looking for a new luxury home or just thinking about a kitchen makeover, you’ll be needing some inspiration, and we wanted to help you with that. We’ve compiled a list of the best kitchen trends we’ve seen so far this year to help you get started.


1. Muted color palettes

muted color palette kitchen

White has dominated American kitchens until this year. The new trend has shifted to muted colors like soft charcoal as well as neutral blues and greens. You’ll even see these color changes in accent features like backsplashes and trim. It’s also becoming trendy to pair those lighter colors with wooden chairs, tables and storage baskets.


2. Traditional and minimalistic

minimalist kitchen design

This year, we’ve seen a lot of interest in backsplashes, shiny surfaces (think metal ranges and brass faucets) and windowed cabinets. These are all styles recycled from the 80s. Don’t worry, the style isn’t regressing. Homeowners are choosing elements that were popular back then and incorporating them into their contemporary kitchens to create a style called “transitional”.

Kitchens are also looking sleeker and cleaner by uniting smooth lines and an uncluttered appearance.


3. Additional storage space

extra cabinet space in the kitchen

Along with minimalistic design comes smarter storage spaces. People are incorporating additional cabinetry or more options for storing smaller appliances. Some examples include rotating shelves, pull-out drawers and multi-tiered drawers.


4. Open kitchens and living rooms

open floor plan kitchen and living room

Over the years, kitchens that open up into living rooms have been getting increasingly popular, and 2016 continues to follow that trend. People want their kitchens and lounging spaces to feel united. This has become prevalent among those who enjoy hosting parties. Cooking while being able to entertain your guests is very important!


5. Kitchen islands for dining

counter top dining space

More and more, people are replacing their family-style dinner tables and opting for a simpler solution, like an island or additional counter space. For the people who have kept their kitchen table, many are switching to taller, collaborative tables like you might find in a modern pub or networking space.


6. Freezer-on-bottom refrigerators

freezer-on-bottom refrigerators

Homeowners are abandoning the typical stacked refrigerator/freezer and upgrading to a more modern style in which the freezer is located on the bottom and there are two doors that open to the refrigerator. The freezer opens like a drawer and resembles a chest freezer inside. This allows for additional storage space and provides stackable options.

If you’re planning to upgrade more than one room in your house, take a look at our 2016 luxury bathroom trends, too! That should help you get a few more ideas for your remodel.


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