1. Owning a Luxury Townhome can be More Affordable than Renting

    WW EditeedDid you know you can own a Luxury Townhome in North Strabane Township for as low as $987 a month?  That’s right!! And this even includes your principle, interest, taxes, and insurance.  You can actually own a Heartland Homes‘ custom built luxury townhome in the beautiful Weavertown Village for less than the cost of renting.

    Taking a Look at Renting

    We challenge you to browse the web for a townhome for Rent for less than $1,000 a month in North Strabane Township.  Your results will show one to three listings of apartments that are very small, that were built in the 1960’s, and you can imagine the funky apartment smell just by looking at the photos.

    You can envision what it would be like in living in one of these places too!  First, your search will consist of finding the home that is not as ghastly as the rest.  You will probably make a sacrifice or two, like accepting the water stain in the bathroom for the only townhome that offered a third bedroom.  And remember that funky apartment smell? You will get used to it. You will get used to it because everything you own will start to smell like it, and it simply becomes a part of your life.

    After a couple months of hidden fees, and high utility bills you will soon realize that you are not saving any money at all by renting.  You will want to move out, move up, and you will probably look into buying a home.  And then it will hit you, the $1,000+ dollars you have been paying per month went straight to the pockets of your landlord, when you could have been investing your money into a new home that produces worth for you!

    A Look at Weavertown Village

    You will not be making any sacrifices in your home search, no stains, and no funky smells.  Your search is very easy.  You will meet with Jodie, our friendly sales manager at Weavertown Village. With her you can pick out the floorplan, all the custom options you want, and the perfect lot to call home.  You can build this brand new Heartland Home for less than the price of renting!  Enjoy a luxury townhome with custom floorplans and an abundance of living space, all in a low maintenance community.  The time you save by not laboring in the yard can be spent all day at the community pool or at one of the countless hotspots that surround this convenient location.

    The best part is that the money you used to spend on rent now goes to you.  Your monthly payments go into home ownership, and not into the pockets of a landlord.  Month by month you accumulate more and more value!

    So what are you waiting for?  Let’s make you an appointment for a personal tour of this community.  Meet with Jodie to discuss why living in Weavertown Village is the best decision you can make!

  2. The Three Little Pigs (Part 1 of 3)

    PIG 1One of my favorite childhood stories is The Three Little Pigs.  The tale of three curly tailed home builders with a lesson that hard work and a passion for building is more rewarding than extra moments of play time.  While two pigs quickly built homes of poor quality giving them more free time to play, the third pig labored hard in quality construction building the best custom built homes in Pittsburgh (or at least that’s the version we were told).  Compared to the other two pigs, the third pig’s extra effort paid off, his home lasted longer, was absolutely beautiful, and fulfilled the needs of it’s residents.

    You might see where we are heading with this story, but I promise that this tale of three pigs is much more relevant to adults looking to buy a new home!!

    Pig 1: The Preexisting or Foreclosed Pig

    Pig 1 offers a home that is “affordable”, ready to be moved in right away, has everything you need and always promises that if you do not buy at this very moment, it will be gone!!  All very good selling points but let’s take a closer look at this piece of pork.

    What might be affordable now, doesn’t always translate to the long term.  Let’s look at some basic math and look how out-of-pocket expenses can be higher, even though you are saving 8,000 dollars off the total amount of a preexisting home.

    Say you have a Heartland Healthy Home for $275,000 (just throwing a number out there) this includes the (more…)

  3. Going, Going, Gone!!!

    As much as I wish the title “Going, Going, Gone!!” is a reference to a Pittsburgh Pirates’ home run, this post is going to discuss interest rates, and how they are on their way to being hit out of the park.  An April 10th article from the New Times warns us that interest rates are on the incline, and possibly for a very long time.

    As the future is just now beginning to look promising for a national recovery, interest rates are likely to climb from their all time lows.  If you were able to purchase a home during this “recession” you were able to lock in some of the lowest interest rates ever recorded.  However, as our economy recovers, rates are to climb, and the first market to feel the heat will most likely be the housing market.  Since December, the rate of a 30-year fixed mortgage rate has risen half a point to 5.31, the highest rate since last summer.  Not concerned about half a point? Rates are expected to climb to 5.5 percent by the end of the summer and as high as 6 percent by the end of the year.  To put things in perspective, it only takes a 1 percent increase in a mortgage rate to add as much as 19% to the total cost of a home.  Mortgage rates are unlikely to be any lower than they are right now, so if you are considering building a new home, the time is now, and we cannot stress that enough. 

    The climb in interest rates does not end with mortgage rates, follow the link to the NY Times for the full story:

    To get the ball rolling on custom building a Heartland Home, contact Sara, your online concierge (before the times of low interest rates are Going, Going, GONE!!)

  4. Deadline to Purchase a Heartland Quick Delivery Home is March 2nd

    uncle Sam hat and heartsOnly One Week remains to receive the first time home buyer or “step-up” home buyer tax incentive.  If you are eligible to receive the special tax incentive your deadline to purchase a quick delivery home built by Heartland Homes is next Tuesday, March 2nd. 

    This means that time to purchase a new quick delivery home is limited!!  You can start by visiting  Look through our floor plans and find a home that best suits your needs. Then we need you to Contact Sara your online concierge.  She can find you the perfect quick delivery home that best fits your needs. From there we will have you well on your way to living in your dream home. 

    For more information about your eligibility for this tax credit visit:

  5. The Sand States are to Blame

    According to the 2009 Metropolitan Foreclosure Market Report from RealtyTrac, the Sand States: California, Florida, Nevada, and Arizona account for the majority of all U.S. foreclosures in 2009.  CA, FL, NV, and AZ are accountable for the top 20 highest foreclosure percentages of metropolitan cities that have a population greater than 200,000 people.  Even more staggering is that these four states are hosts to 29 of the 30 cities ranked highest in the nation. 

    The Top 3 cities in the nation with the highest percentage of foreclosures includes Las Vegas, Nevada which leads the undesirable race with a compelling 12% of all households filing at least one foreclosure in 2009.  In a very close second, only behind by 1/10thof a percent is Cape Coral, Florida, where the percentage of all homes filing for foreclosure is at 11.9%, and standing at the podium wearing the bronze medal is Merced, California with a foreclosure rate of 10.1%.     

    Meanwhile Pittsburgh posted a foreclosure rate less than 1%, making it the 153rd ranked city out of the total 203  in the country.  As we like to put it, Pittsburgh is in the bottom fourth, posting fewer foreclosures than most cities!!

    With all of this information in front of us, it’s easy to see.   Yes, these are tough times, but not for everyone. The Housing Market Is Local, Not National.  Four states are the biggest influence on the national housing market statistics. So the next time you watch the news, and they discuss how foreclosure rates have never been higher, how we have reached all-time national highs, and other vague national statistics, question their reports. Ask who is responsible? Are the Big Bad 4 to blame? Does this actually influence my hometown?

     Pittsburgh has been named one of the best bets for an economic recovery, most livable cities in the world, the host of several global events including the G20 Summit, a leader in green initiatives, and has an unemployment rate below the national average.  The evidence is clear!! Real Estate is Local!!

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