1. TGIF: April Showers Bring May Flowers…

    FRIDAYHappy Friday and welcome back to another edition of TGIF, a special blog post for Fridays!!

    Is it just me or does it feel like this the best time of the year right now?  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and everyone seems to have a little extra pep in their step.  And why not, the spring is full of wonderful colors, many chances to get outside, and the warm weather brings the best concerts, events, and fun outdoor activities.

    Last weekend Heartland Homes pledged to plant one tree for every person that visited our model homes during the Earth Day weekend. Despite the unseasonably cold weather, 137 of you answered our call and in recognition of Earth Day and as a special thank you, we are going to double that number!!!  By the end of the year Heartland Homes will plant for our future because of you!!

    Tomorrow marks the first day of May and that can only mean one thing: Paint Season!!  Time to lay down the drop cloths and bust out the white overalls, but before you do join us for a special PPG Color Trends presentation.  We are hosting two events.  Both are sold out, but you can still reserve your spot on the waiting list.  To learn more about this event follow the link to our previous post:  Color Trend Presentation

    Other great events to check out this weekend:

    Pittsburgh Wine Festival

    May 1-6, 2010 – Heinz Field – Downtown Pittsburgh
    ‘One of the Top-10 Wine Festivals in the Country ‘ the 8th annual Pittsburgh Wine Festival hosts some of the ‘world’s finest’ wine-makers, chefs, entertainers and wine educators. The festival is a week-long event of seminars, wine dinners, and an auction that is truly an oenophile’s dream come true. The famous Grand Tasting Event at Heinz Field is surely not to be missed.
    For more information, call (412) 281-2681. Proceeds from the Pittsburgh Wine Festival will benefit the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Centers.

    City of Pittsburgh Marathon

    May 2, 2010 – Downtown Pittsburgh
    A `huge’ Pittsburgh Tradition… the annual Pittsburgh Marathon has become one of the premier Marathons in the Country. More than 100,000 `cheering’ Fans will line the racecourse to encourage the runners. Several Neighborhood Festivals will be under way in 13 Communities along the course.

    St. Nick’s 48th Greek Food Festival

    May 3-8, 2009 – 419 South Dithridge Street – University District Pittsburgh PA
    Come savor authentic Greek food at this popular annual tradition that features great Greek food, and costumed dancers performing nightly to traditional Greek music. The diverse menu includes dishes like… beef stefatho, chicken oregano, souvlakia, baklava and much more. Both Greek and domestic wines will also be available.
    Festival hours: Sun Noon – 8 PM; Mon-Thur (Lunch) 11 AM – 2 PM (Dinner) 5 PM – 9 PM; Friday (Lunch) 11 AM – 2 PM (Dinner) 4 PM – 10 PM.

    To seethe complete list of all the events going in Pittsburgh visit

    Don’t forget, our model homes are open every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 5pm!! So stop out and take a tour in any of our 22 decorated model homes throughout the Pittsburgh and Morgantown region.

    Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!

  2. TGIF: Weekly Leftovers

    Welcome back to another edition of Heartland Today and a special TGIF post!!

    Let’s talk about how active this week has been for Pittsburgh on a National News level.  There was nonstop talk about our sports teams, from Big Ben and the trade rumors, to the Penguins defending their Stanley Cup, to the Pirates who had their worst loss in franchise history.  But the real excitement comes here internally at Heartland Homes. The President of Heartland Homes, Marty Gillespie, made a guest appearance on Fox News to talk about the housing market, and it’s promising future!!  To watch the video simply click the play icon  below!!


    Since we are on the topic of New Homes and New Home Sales, the Associated Press reports that home sales surged 27% in March.  This is great news for the national housing market. New home sales rose in March to a seasonally adjusted annual sales pace of 411,000. It was the strongest month since last July and the biggest monthly increase in nearly 50 years. 

    So if you are on the fence or going through the steps of purchasing a custom-built home by Heartland Homes, there is no better way to start the seeing yourself in your perfect dream home then by stopping out to one of our 22 decorated model homes, open on weekends from 12 pm to 5 pm.  In honor of Earth Day, we will be plant a tree in our communities for each person that visits one of our models from now until Sunday.  So come out, get inspired, and help us help our planet. 

    Final Thought: “The dialogue between client and architect is about as intimate as any conversation you can have, because when you’re talking about building a house, you’re talking about dreams.”– Robert A.M. Stern

     Heartland Homes ~ Dream It! Build It! Love It!

  3. TGIF: A Call to Action,Your Thoughts?

    FRIDAYWhen we first started Heartland Today, we wanted to create a place where Heartland Homeowners of past, present and future (and the few random web browsers) could visit and receive professional advice, information about our company, our area, our expertise, and the national housing market.

    However, we haven’t received enough feedback from YOU!!  We would like to know what you love, what you hate, what you want to hear more of, what you would like to read less of.  Do you enjoy the color trends from PPG, the Featured Floor Plans, and Community Profiles posts? Do want to see more videos, photos, customer experiences?  Do you hate our TGIF editions, and would you be happy if we never mentioned the word contest ever again?  Let us know!!!  This website is here for you!!!  Without you, I am just a guy typing to himself all day, and as much as I love to type I love your feedback even more.  So this is a call to action, leave your comments in the box below this post, at Heartland Homes we want to give you exactly what you want!!!

    Thanks Again for logging on a joining us at Heartland Homes for another week of Heartland Today, and we will see you on Monday!!

    Final Thoughts: “The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”- John Ruskin

  4. TGIF: Tomorrow

    Welcome Back to Heartland Today!! This edition of TGIF is sure to give you a couple of conversation starters for this weekend. 

    This first story comes from the National Geographic Blog: Intelligent Traveler.  Despite the earthquakes and tragedy that recently hit Chile, this country has caught the attention of curiosity seekers worldwide.  The San Alfonso del Mar Resort, has the world’s largest pool!! Well that’s if you want to call it that. The “pool” covers 20 acres, stretches over half a mile, is 115 feet deep, and holds 66 million gallons of Pacific Ocean water.  This pool is so large, that visitors can actually sail through the crystal clear waters.  

    While we are on the topic of water, there is some recent buzz about the future of building homes….on water!!  That’s right you read it correctly, floating homes!!  Although it is not a current request for this style of home is in Pittsburgh, these floating fortresses are gaining some interest in the Netherlands.  Due to tough regulations and tight quarters, the Dutch have set afloat.  These floating water villas resemble your typical “land home”, but with one big difference: a stabilized floating foundation.  Other than being surrounded by blue waters, these neighborhoods are similar to those on land, complete with green gardens and a road.  Surprisingly, these are not cookie-cutter houses either.  Several home types are available including semi-detached houses, urban villas, and terraces.  Developers in the Netherlands are already working on floating apartment complexes and high-rise buildings for future developments.  If this is the future of home building, look for a Heartland Home on one of the Three Rivers in the future…

    Rendering from   

    While still thinking about the future, let’s come back to reality a bit. Tomorrow, March, 27th at 8:30 PM, the 3rd Annual Earth Hour will start.  From 8:30 to 9:30 PM join the rest of the world and turn off your lights for just 60 minutes: 

    Visit to see how you can get involved!!

    This concludes this week’s edition of TGIF leaving us only with the Final Thoughts of the week:  Malcolm X said “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” So even though it was fun thinking about the future and imagining what our world might be like with luxuries the size of the ocean and futuristic living, let’s not forget about the present.  Think about the steps we need to take Today, to insure that we can enjoy the future. It doesn’t make any sense to build a house, and then draw the blueprint.

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