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  1. There is Green, and Then There is GREEN!!!

    St Patricks Day March 17thTop of the morning to you Laddies and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

    I hope you are reading this post while you are wearing your green!!  And what better day to make a Green announcement than the Greenest Holiday of the Year!!

    The City of Pittsburgh will be host of the North American World Environment Day 2010.  With over 200 businesses and organizations taking part in this Bridging the Gap event; this will be one more great honor for the “City of Bridges” on an international level.  

    The selection of Pittsburgh by the United Nations Environment Programme is a testament of the city’s commitment to sustainability and environmental issues ranging from energy and resource conservation to protection of waterways, ecosystems and green spaces.  Pittsburgh’s transformation from an industrial capital to a modern-day Green City Model proves to other cities of the world that it is Easy Being Green!!

    Many of the events are still in the planning process, but we can expect more than 65 regional events and activities promoting environmental awareness and action starting on April 22nd and ending on World Environment Day on June 5th

    For more information and a full list of events follow the link below: 

  2. ENERGY STAR: Partner of the Year

    Heartland Homesprides itself on only building our homes with products of the highest quality and value, and one of brand-named products has been nationally recognized by ENERGY STAR.  CertainTeed Corporation and its parent company, Saint-Gobain were selected as the 2009 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for Energy Management by the Environment Protection Agency.

    CertainTeed was awarded this prestigious title for their practices in reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency.  CertainTeed manufactures many building products throughout North America, and Heartland Homes is proud to say that we use CertainTeed siding and shingles when we build your Heartland Home.

    CertainTeed is just one more product that helps remove your carbon boot-print when building a home.

  3. G R E A T Flooring

    At Heartland we only offer products of the highest quality and value in our homes.  From the shingles on your roof to the foundation that your home sits on, our name and reputation goes into every nail hammered and every inch of house built.  So it only makes sense for us to offer the highest quality name brands when it comes to the products we install inside our homes.  That is why we are proud to say we offer Shaw® carpeting inside our homes.

    Shaw® is a green company in every sense of the word, and a perfect fit in our Heartland Healthy Homes.  Their commitment to sustainability is evident throughout the entire production process of their products.  Shaw’s Cradle to Cradle Certification reinforces their green process.  With Nature’s own life cycle in mind, this philosophy of production assures that the most sustainable carpets are being made.  Much like how a tree uses its own fallen leaves for nutrients, Shaw’s carpets are recycled in the same manner.  The Cradle to Cradle design seeks out the means to create products that will be deconstructed and recycled back into their original materials time and time again, so that waste is never an option.

    Some might be skeptic purchasing a product made of recycled materials. Concerns of quality, durability, and comfort might be raised when purchasing post-consumer recycled products. For some household products this might be true, but Shaw’s Anso Nylon makes a G R E A T carpet. (more…)

  4. Heartland Homes and Energy Star Partnership

    Energy Star

    A perfect partnership!! Every newly constructed home built by Heartland Homes will be a certified ENERGY STAR™ home.  According to the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy, families can save as much as 30% on their energy costs, without sacrificing features, style, or comfort – just by making a few smart choices.

    If you’re looking for a new home, look for one that has earned the ENERGY STAR™ mark. EVERY home sold this year that hasn’t started construction will be tested by a third party to make sure it meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR™ standards. The ENERGY STAR™ certification will be a new standard feature of our Heartland Healthy Home– offering energy savings, improved indoor air quality, and environmentally responsible construction materials. It’s another reason why we say we build THE BEST home in Pittsburgh!

    Our partnership with ENERGY STAR™ not only benefits our Heartland Homeowners, but the environment as well.  Our energy efficient products make an impact on your life, without impacting our planet.


  5. Heartland Healthy Home

    Heartland Healthy HomeA very popular frog puppet once said, “It’s not easy being green.” Of course we are talking about the infamous Kermit the Frog created by Jim Henson, and although we may have found Kermit’s song to be quite catchy at the time, we have to disagree with the pop icon.  It is so easy to begreen“.  It’s so easy to be green and healthy while saving money on costly utility bills.

    Our Heartland Healthy Homes are sure to get you excited about sustainability, conservation, efficiency, and affordability.  The features listed below combine to lower utility bills, improved indoor air quality, and use earth friendly materials in every Heartland Home!


  6. A Heartland Home Never Deflates

    The Associated Press and report that lower home appraisals are increasing.  Meaning that more and more appraisers are appraising houses lower than what consumers purchased them originally. For someone selling a home this could be a real nightmare.  With a Heartland Home you have the assurance that the highest quality of name brand products are used from the foundation up: Tuff-N-Dri Waterproof Basements, Tyvek Weatherization Systems, Andersen Wood Windows, Kohler Faucets and Fixtures, Lennox Air Cleaners and Furnaces, and Whirlpool Appliances just to name a few.  Oh and did we mention that these quality name brands come standard? Why do you think they call us Pittsburgh’s #1 custom home builder?  Here’s a hint, it’s in the house.

    AP:Lower home appraisals appear to be up

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