Home buyers have returned to the market early this year, likely eager for spring after a long winter, and green has been a popular color. If buyers want green homes, sellers must find ways to provide.

There are some green home certifications, but the best advice for any seller is to highlight a home’s greener side with features and fixtures that are cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

Green staging should not lead to excessive green spending. There are simple and effective ways to furnish an environmentally smart home without spending a fortune.

Green Staging Lessons

It is best to begin with the little things and work your way toward the larger and more complicated tasks. We recommend starting with the light bulbs.

Swapping incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescent lights (CFL) is a 10-minute task, depending on how many family members it takes to change a bulb. CFL bulbs are a fantastic way to conserve energy and save money over the long run. While CFL light bulbs initially cost more than incandescent light bulbs, they use 25% of the energy of a regular incandescent bulb to deliver the same amount of light. Plus, they last 10 times longer. Compact fluorescent light bulbs also emit less heat, while incandescent bulbs spend 90 percent of their energy giving off heat and 10 percent giving off light, so incandescent bulbs actually waste more energy than necessary.  Showing potential buyers a low electric bill might be enough to inspire an offer.